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We are the .Net experts

The .NET Framework was initially written in order to overcome the various issues surrounding application development such as difficulty efficiently changing applications, high cost of ownership, development time and ease.

.Net is developed by Microsoft and runs on Microsoft Windows. Therefore it supports building and running of software applications on Microsoft Windows, Windows Server, Microsoft Azure, Windows Phone as well as XML Web services. The .NET Framework consists of a large class library; the Framework Class Library (FCL). As well as Common Language Runtime (CLR) which provides language correspondence across various different programming languages.


.NET performance on Microsoft Windows Server has been tried and tested on thousands of applications and has always proven stable and reliable.



As web applications that are developed using ASP. NET have Windows confirmation and configuration, this means that .NET can offer enhanced application security. Managed code and CLR offer safeguarding features including code access security and role-based security.


. NET is a framework independent from language, therefore development can take place in different compliant languages including C#, managed C++, Visual COBOL, VB.NET, IronRuby, IronPython and many more. This enables developers to create applications for a desktop, mobile device, browser, or an application running on PDA. 


Fantastic Integration

.NET is capable of processing all different types of XML documents and is able to write any format of file with efficiency and ease. This can provide a multitude of routes for integration with legacy systems.

Benefits of .Net

  • .Net allows the use of multiple languages making language integration seamless - you can call methods from C# to VB.NET
  • As .Net creates a unified environment; it allows developers to create programs in Java, C++ or Virtual Basic
  • Consistent UI best practices
  • .Net has horizontal scalability
  • Interfaces easily with Windows and/or Microsoft
  • All IDEs and tools are pre-tested and available in the Microsoft Developer Network



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