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25 Aug 17

The Cold Banana Summer Interns

When it comes to hiring; Cold Banana values passion and potential as much as experience and qualifications. There is nothing more exciting to us than helping someone take their passion and turn it into a career. This is why, every Summer, we open our Studio doors to interns… Meet this year’s interns here!

Maddie Crawford

Marketing Intern




Hi, my names Maddie Crawford and I am addicted to social media. In my spare time, I enjoy socialising with friends and family, playing xBox games and watching a bit of TV!


Cold Banana is really the best opportunity that could have happened for me. After spending two years completing A-Levels in Media, ICT and Creative Writing, I knew I just didn’t want to stay in education. I wanted to get out there and work, earn money and progress. The Cold Banana opportunity couldn’t have arrived at a better time.


Day-to-day at Cold Banana I monitor the social media accounts and schedule posts for them. I do this  alongside tasks such as scouting out potential agencies that we can partner with and developing banners and Power Points.


I have been keen to get into the digital industry for a while. Quite soon after starting my A-Levels I came to the realisation that not everything can be sorted into neat boxes and colour coded folders. Getting a job doing what I love, required skills from three different A-Levels; I was going to need to stack the boxes inside each other and merge all my skills and abilities together - and out of the mixing bowl popped Digital Marketing. I loved the idea that I could blend everything I enjoy into a job that I can truly exceed in, and where better to do that than at CBS?


Working over the summer with Cold Banana was great for me because I had no past experience in Digital Marketing. I got the chance to learn the job role before diving head first into it.

Kirsty Lee

Digital Marketing Intern

Cooking to History to Digital; it took me a while to find my true calling but I managed to get there eventually! Hi, I’m Kirsty and I’ve been spending my Summer at Cold Banana Studio.


I am seeking a career in digital and I’m going to take every opportunity that shows itself to achieve that goal. I have a strong background with experience, a spectrum of owning my own cake business to earning my degree in Roman and Prehistoric Archaeology. At CBS I spend my time working on some changes to the website; I have come up with a handful of areas which I think I can develop into some amazing content for Cold Banana. I enjoy working with front-end content creation and the aesthetics of the website. I have also been building new landing pages and exploring new ways to drive more traffic to our site.


CBS was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass; it gave me an idea of the balance between tech, creativity and social - which I love. The work keeps me on my toes everyday, I never get bored.  CBS offer me responsibility and allow my to use my own initiative to complete projects which is really rewarding.

Hailey Yagiz

Development Intern

Hi I’m Hailey, I have just finished studying an extended diploma in business as well as level 3 social media and web design. Studying brought me to the realisation that coding is my passion and as much as I want to learn to code; I couldn’t put myself through uni, it just isn’t for me! Cold Banana offered me the opportunity to develop my skills over a Summer Internship, which is pretty ideal for me because I get to experience the environment I want to work in one day.


Currently at CBS I am developing web applications, with some volunteering on the side that I do for a local charity shop.


I think for me to find myself with a career in coding I would be aiming more for back-end development. I spend my spare time building websites in HTML and CSS and am really keen to get myself into this industry. But I also really enjoy anything from arts and crafts to cooking!


Cold Banana have given me a fantastic opportunity, from being here over the summer I have learnt so much about coding in C#.


Author: Maddie 


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